Who Can Apply?

  • Any Bhutanese national above 18 years of age.
  • Co-operatives, farmers group and group of persons.

Eligibility Criteria

  • New start up Cottage and Small Industries (CSIs) engaged in manufacturing & production and non-formal rural activities.
  • Projects meeting the industry classification and criteria of CSI under the production and manufacturing category of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA), Royal Government of Bhutan.
  • Projects that are technically feasible and financially viable.
  • Projects meeting the principles of priority sector as mentioned in the Economic Stimulus Plan Implementation Report (ESP IR), namely:
    • import substitution
    • export enhancement or promotion and
    • creation of employment shall be supported

In-Eligibility Criteria

  • Any project already financed by the other Financial Institutions.
  • Civil Servant(s) [1], Corporate Employee(s), selected Candidate(s) in Local Government Election and Parliamentarian.
  • REDCL will not support funds to the following individuals and business:
    • Project(s) which are already established,
    • Applicant is of an unsound mind,
    • Applicant is a minor- below 18 years of age,
    • Applicant has supplied false information and disclosure, and
    • CIB reports of the applicant reflects and adverse record of past defaults with other banks and non-bank financial institution in the country.
  • Where an individual(s) having loans in the banks and non-bank financial institutions and proposed funds from the REDCL exceeding Nu. 20 million.

[1] As per the BCSR Civil servant SHALL NOT -engage in any work or activity outside his official duty during office time, carry out a business or trade that would need him to apportion or compromise his loyalty ant integrity, involve with his spouse’s business or trade.