Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited

What is REDCL?

One of the main mandates falling under the administrative support of REDCL is to act as one-stop centre for information – on business opportunities in the country, business start-up protocol, extant business laws, rules & regulations. In order to fulfill this mandate, the Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited (REDCL) has been established to gather information on these topics and disseminate them to the general public. Therefore, the REDCL essentially is an information bank which will facilitate the entrepreneurs in starting their business by providing all necessary information through face-to-face interaction, mentoring, online services, distributing forms, templates, brochures, etc.

While most Bhutanese have very good business ideas, many of them lack the knowledge on how to translate them into viable business projects. In order to help these business minded people with lack of technical know-how, REDCL will assist them in navigating through the process of setting up new business by providing all necessary information on licensing procedures, laws, rules and regulations, taxation, clearances, etc. It will ensure that the regulatory objectives are met with the minimum possible burden on businesses while ensuring compliance with Bhutan’s regulatory requirements. This is the genesis of establishing the REDCL.